Jeff Brazier admits why he would never sign up for Strictly Come Dancing

Jeff Brazier has been opening up about his TV plans for the future!

The TV presenter has appeared on a string of reality shows in the past, such as Shipwrecked and I’m A Celebrity.

However, Jeff - who fathered sons Bobby and Freddie with his late former partner Jade Goody - has now revealed the one show that he would never do.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the 45-year-old was asked if he would ever consider taking part in the BBC hit Strictly Come Dancing.


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The speculation has come after Jeff’s oldest son Bobby rose to huge success on the dancing show last year. The Eastenders actor finished the series as a runner-up, alongside his professional dancing partner Dianne Buswell.

Rejecting the idea of appearing on Strictly, Jeff explained: "Bobby’s been there, it’s his thing. I feel like to step into that world would almost be to sort of steal his thunder slightly.”

"That was Bob's thing and I want to leave it to him,” he continued.


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The father-of-two then went on to tease other career moves that he has in the pipeline.

"I've got plenty of things that I really enjoy doing, I've got lots of exciting projects moving forward and I'll stay in my lane, I think. But I don't think that going on Strictly would be right for me right now,” he noted.

Jeff supported his firstborn son Bobby throughout his time on Strictly, including attending several shows.


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Ahead of the Strictly final last December, Jeff took to Instagram to showcase his pride for Bobby.

Alongside several photos of Bobby’s career milestones, Jeff wrote: “For what it’s worth most of us could only dream of doing some of the things you’ve already packed into the 4 years since you left school! Proud is not the word!”

He added: “I hope you soak up every last drop of your experience of the final tomorrow night especially knowing how far you’ve come to earn the right to be there.”