Jeff Brazier details emotions after son Bobby shares experience of loss publicly

Jeff Brazier has been opening up about his son Bobby sharing his experience with the loss for the first time publicly. 

Bobby lost his mum, Jade Goody, in 2009 after she battled cervical cancer. 

To honour Jade, Bobby, who is starring in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing competition, dedicated his latest routine to her, and revealed the performance was also inspired by her. 

He danced alongside Dianne Buswell to Kate Bush’s touching song This Woman’s Work.


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Following the emotional dance, Bobby’s dad has now shared more of an insight into his reaction to the tribute, and revealed that his son hadn’t spoken out about the loss of his mum with the public until Saturday night.

While speaking to MailOnline, Jeff explained, “I was nervous for him anyway, because you just are, but I was so apprehensive because Bobby hasn't necessarily shared his experience of loss publicly before”.

“I worried it would be overwhelming. Also, that it would end up bringing up some unresolved grief he had”.


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The reality star continued, “I worried that he'd find it too much. Grief is ugly, but to watch him be able to translate it into this understandable, beautiful thing, was amazing”.

Jeff went on to admit that he ‘knew he would cry’ at the moving Strictly performance. 

“Oh I knew I would cry, but it was still overwhelming. The lovely Dan Walker was sitting behind me and he tapped me on the shoulder at one point and passed me a tissue. It was a very emotional thing, given the circumstances”.


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The day after the EastEnders actor’s dance, Jeff shared an emotional statement on social media about his son to say, “To share your grief even to just one person can be a daunting prospect but to express it so movingly in front of millions takes incredible courage so thank you for your inspiration”.

He added, “Bobbys favourite song wasn’t just an outlet for his frustrations years ago & a wonderful tribute to Jade, I also think, appropriately that ‘this woman’s work’ also recognises perfectly what you’re made of, what you’re giving and who you are”.

“Although the routine was a blur and the anticipation highly emotional I enjoy so much watching all perform, the fact bobby is holding his own amongst such talent & creativity is astonishing”.