Jess Redden shares healthy eating advice as Lidl Ireland reveals its bestsellers

We’ve finally reached the end of January, but many of us are still hoping to continue our healthy eating resolutions for the rest of the new year.

It’s become more important than ever to create a nourishing routine to keep you powered through each day. One way to do this is to be mindful of your shopping habits - and Lidl Ireland is here to help you with this!

As we embark into February, the supermarket giant has released its official figures for its top-selling healthy products that have been flying off the shelves in January.

In terms of vegetables, the likes of cucumbers, celery, aubergines and sweet potatoes have been hugely popular with Lidl customers across the country. In particular, cucumber has taken the top spot of the most sought-after vegetable, as over 490,000 cucumbers were sold in the first month of this year.

Meanwhile, when it comes to delicious fruits, bananas continue to be the most popular with Lidl shoppers, as approximately 6.4 million of them have already been sold across stores this year. Following on from bananas, blueberries and more exotic fruits such as kiwis and avocados have also been purchased regularly throughout January. 

If you’re wanting to build up your protein intake this year, Lidl’s High Protein range has become widely popular across the month of January. Favoured amongst customers, 350,000 of Lidl’s High Protein Puddings (containing 20g of protein) have already been sold this new year.

With all of these stats in mind, Lidl ambassador, pharmacist, author of The Food Pharmacy and new mum Jess Redden has now shared her advice on how you can build a healthier routine with Lidl’s top products.

Jess’ three key pieces of advice are the following: 

Preparation is Key 

“As a new mum to a five month old, our routine is constantly changing, so preparation and planning is so important. It’s harder to find time to buy ingredients and cook every day so I break it up by batch cooking at the weekends. When it comes to snacks – keep the cupboard stocked and never cut out food groups that you enjoy. Lidl’s range of healthy snacks is ever-growing and some of my favourites include Lidl’s Fibre Up Popcorn Bars and Lidl’s High Protein Puddings to satisfy my sweet cravings.”

The Power of Protein

“Another key focus for me is getting enough protein at each meal to help me feel full for longer and decrease cravings. A great source of protein that can be added easily to any dish are pulses like chickpeas and lentils. Avocado is another tasty addition to your meals, offering a healthy fats-packed option for a fuller, longer-lasting breakfast or lunch.”

Make Smart Swaps

“I’m a big believer in making smart swaps that you actually like. Consider switching up your usual staples with nutrient-dense alternatives. Lidl has a great range of ‘low’ alternatives that have helped me make a realistic swap. Some of my swaps include Lidl’s 0% Fat Greek Yogurt, Low Sugar Seville Orange Marmalade and Low Sugar Granola - the smallest change can make a big difference.”