Jessie J bravely talks body confidence amid her struggles to conceive

By Emma Costello


Jessie J has opened up about her relationship with her body following her ongoing struggles with trying to conceive. 

The Price Tag singer, 34, spoke candidly to her fans during her show in London’s KOKO venue earlier this week. Jessie rocked a sparkling catsuit on stage as she decided to get real and honest with the supportive crowd.

“Being 34 in this outfit is different now,” she admitted.

As reported by The Sun, Jessie opened up about her private life and struggles with fame. “When I talk to my parents after a gig, I take it off,” she continued, gesturing to her outfit. “This whole celebrity thing is so weird to me and how people are even more obsessed with how I look than I am.”


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In her speech to her adoring fans, Jessie referenced how she felt during the early years of her career in 2011. “I was in LA by myself and I remember looking in the mirror and being obsessed with being perfect. I felt like I had to be who people wanted to be accepted,” she confessed.

Jessie then decided to touch upon her recent difficulties with trying to conceive, and how that has affected her body. “I have gained weight and I’ve not been to the gym in ages, but honestly, I feel great,” Jessie said with pride. “I’m not 17 anymore and I want to make a baby and I am trying to do that and my body is changing shape.”


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Fans of the popstar will know all about her recent struggles regarding her wish to become a mum. In November 2021, Jessie announced that she had suffered a miscarriage. Taking to Instagram, she wrote, “I have never experienced physical pain and trauma or felt loneliness like it. This has changed me forever. In the most heartbreaking, but beautiful way.”

Trying to conceive, becoming pregnant and miscarrying can change a woman’s body in an unfathomable amount of ways. It’s important to remember that one size does not fit all and women shouldn’t feel ashamed by something which affects so many of us.