LaTroya Woolridge went into labour at just 24 weeks, and naturally, she feared the worst for her unborn twins.


At the time of labour, LaTroya's husband, Arthur, was out of town - but the doctors told her it was time to give birth.


The mum gave birth to just one of her twins, tiny little Amara, who was born weighing just one pound and three ounces.


"Initially, we were told that Amara's heart tone could not be detected, so when I finally delivered her and saw her feet moving I was filled with joy that she was alive, but afraid of what would happen next," LaTroya told People.



Amara's twin brother, Arthur III, remained in utero for another two weeks as doctors did everything possible to maintain the health of both twins.


Arthur III was born two weeks after Amara via C-Section, weighing two pounds two ounces (doubling his sister's birth weight).


Today, almost 5 months after the twins came into the world, LaTroya and Arthur say they are “overjoyed” with how far their amazing babies have come.


While still in the NICU, Amara now weighs a healthier 5 pounds, 4 ounces while her brother Arthur III weighs 5 pounds, 11 ounces.



“We are happier than we have ever been and excited about our parenthood journey. before our eyes," LaTroya said to People, in an open and honest interview. 


Both LaTroya and Arthur say they “plan to do everything within our power to ensure their twins have a healthy, happy, and successful life.”


We are in awe of the strength of these two amazing little bubs!