Kaley Cuoco shares motherhood update as she reveals daughter’s ‘favourite word’

Kaley Cuoco has revealed her daughter’s ‘favourite word’ as she shares a new insight into her motherhood experience.  

The former Big Bang Theory actress welcomed her baby girl, Matilda, into the world in March of last year with her partner and Ozark star Tom Pelphrey.

In a new update about her 13-month-old, Kaley has opened up about her tot’s relationship with her dad.


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While speaking to People, Kaley admitted, “Matilda is just the most special thing in the world. So I miss her a lot and I’ve been without her for a week so I'm ready to head back”.

While speaking about Matilda’s bond with Tom, Cuoco confessed, “‘Dad, dad’, everything ‘Dad dad dad dad’... all she says is ‘dad, dada’. It's her favourite frickin word”.

“I'm like, ‘Do you know the word mama? Have you ever heard it?’. But it's all ‘Dad. dad. Dad”, she jokingly added.

Kaley then discussed her plans for Mother’s Day, which families in America celebrate on May 12.


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The 38-year-old revealed she’s going to travel to where Pelphrey is filming so they can spend time together with their daughter.

“I am going to go out there. I'm gonna go to the East Coast on Saturday and we're going to spend Mother's Day together”.

Kaley went on to confess, “He actually flew home to see me last Mother's Day so I'm going to be there and yeah, it's really sweet”.

Kaley and Tom celebrated their daughter's first birthday at the end of March by penning a heartfelt tribute to her online.


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Cuoco wrote, “Matilda you are 1! Best year of our lives .. you are a gift from above and have brought the deepest perfect joy to our entire family!”.

“Dada and I love you more than we could possibly ever explain . I cannot wait to see who you become, but for now, please stay my precious 1 year old forever.”.

The mum-of-one then thanked Tom for being such a great dad by explaining, “@tommypelphrey thank you for being the best daddy (besides my own) the world has ever seen. She’s perfect. Happy birthday, angel girl!”.