Kate Ferdinand embraces skin pigmentation in rare makeup-free selfie

Former TOWIE star and mum Kate Ferdinand is absolutely glowing these days as she’s been sharing glorious holiday snaps with her lovely little family eight months after she welcomed the birth of her son Cree.

However, the 30-year-old reality star isn’t always as cool and confident as she seems. Yesterday evening, Kate bravely shared a bare-faced selfie to social media as she opened up about one of her biggest insecurities — her skin pigmentation.

“Kate what’s the dark thing above your lip?” Kate wrote in the caption, referencing one of those awkward questions she always gets asked.

“Me without makeup. For the last few years even with SPF 50 & a hat, as soon as the sun comes out my face looks like a patch work,” she continued.

“I always feel so insecure about it & it really does get me down, I try to cover it at all costs. For much of my life I’ve felt like I have to try my best to be perfect, I’m fed up of having crazy unrealistic expectations all of the time.”

“Although I make it hard for myself sometimes, I’m trying my best to love myself as I am,” she inspiringly wrote.

Kate’s powerful message was soon met with a stream of comments from friends and fans alike who can relate, with former Love Island winner and new mum Dani Dyer writing, “I’m so going through this right now. So glad you’ve shared this Kate.”

Pregnant model and mum-of-four Danielle Lloyd said, “Well done @xkateferdinand I get trolled all the time for my pigmentation. It gets worse with pregnancy also thank you for sharing and showing it’s normal.”

“Im so happy you shared this! This happens to me to and everyone always asks,” one follower commented.

Kudos to Kate for embracing herself as she is — beautiful inside and out!