Kate Garraway admits husband Derek is back in hospital amid long Covid battle

Kate Garraway has shared that her husband Derek is in hospital once again.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has kept her fans up to date with her husband’s health, ever since he fell seriously ill with coronavirus at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

The 56-year-old has been receiving regular medical care ever since he first contracted the virus. After initially being put in a coma and hospitalised for 13 months, Derek has now been left with lasting damage such as kidney failure, brain inflammation and liver damage.

Now, almost four years on from her husband’s life-threatening diagnosis, Kate has opened up about the latest developments in his journey with long Covid.

In an interview with Loose Women earlier today, the 56-year-old journalist noted that Derek is back in hospital again, but for a more uplifting reason.

“He's actually back in the hospital at the moment, I haven't talked about this, but not the horrific drama fortunately, because there have been lots of, as we all experience, referrals and cancellations,” she explained.

'He's gotten back in for something that he began last year, which he needed the second part of which will hopefully mean he has more movement, physical fractures,” Kate hoped, describing the procedure as a “positive hospital thing”.

“So he's actually not at home at the moment. So we’re in the visiting game, but hopefully won't be in for too long,” she added.

Kate, who shares two teenage children with Derek, then went on to illustrate the importance of carers within her husband’s daily life, and argued that they should not be considered as a ‘luxury’.

“If Derek didn't have someone caring for him he could die that day. We need to stop treating carers as a luxury,” she concluded.