Kate Garraway gives health update on husband Derek after he returns to hospital

Kate Garraway has been sharing an insight into her husband Derek’s health after he returned to hospital. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter’s husband became seriously ill after getting Covid-19 towards the beginning of 2020 and Kate has been keeping fans up-to-date of Derek’s health ever since.

After spending over a year in hospital, Derek is still recovering from his illness with Kate as his carer. 

As Christmas nears and the family prepares for Derek to spend the festive day at home, Kate has spoken to OK! about his latest hospitalisation and shares an update on his health. 

She explained, “Derek’s in hospital having some treatment. It’s not an emergency thing, it’s not a dramatic rush back into intensive care thank goodness – it’s something that started last year that we hope will lead to improvement”.

“I’ve managed to get it in before the end of the year. It’s something we were trying to do in the summer but you know there are referrals and time and all of those things.”

As Derek now suffers from mobility issues and communication difficulties following his illness, Kate opened up about any changes that have occurred recently. 

“Every day we wait and see. There isn’t a dramatic improvement, but touch wood things haven’t gone backwards either. So we’re adjusting to a new normal”.

Kate then revealed how she and Derek plan to celebrate Christmas this year with their two children and extended family. 

Sharing that she will host their family in their London home, the 56-year-old admitted, “It’s a practical solution because it’s quite challenging for Derek to travel”.

“So it’s easier for people to come to us, which means they have to suffer my cooking!”.

Kate continued, “We’ll just get as much of the family, the Drapers and the Garraways, together – even if it’s not all on one day”.

“We’re treating it as a four or five day season this year, so I’m going to be doing a lot of cooking. My mum and dad have already sorted the turkey from a farm where they live”.