Kerry Katona speaks out about health concerns for daughter DJ amid ‘fainting spells’

Kerry Katona has been opening up about her concerns for her daughter Dylan-Jorge. 

The former Atomic Kitten band member has revealed her nine-year-old daughter, DJ,  whom she had with late rugby player George Kay, has been experiencing ‘fainting spells’ in recent times. 

Kerry shared details of her daughter's ill health, revealing that the child had to undergo an MRI scan, which caused Kerry to worry.


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While writing in her OK! column, the mum-of-five also explained that doctors ‘found something’ but will need to wait for other test results before they can confirm anything. 

The 43-year-old said, “I have health anxiety when it comes to DJ. I worry about her, especially recently as she’s had a few fainting spells”.

“We took her for an MRI and the doctor found something”.

“We’re waiting as her results have been sent to a neurosurgeon, but the doctor seems to think she’s alright”.


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Katona added, “He said that lots of us could have what she has but we’ve just not had MRIs”.

Earlier this year, Kerry spoke out about her fiancé Ryan Mahoney adopting her youngest child. 

While speaking to OK! during spring, Katona admitted, “For now, we are going through the adoption papers for Ryan to adopt DJ as I found out she wanted to call him ‘Dad’”.

“She doesn’t remember her biological father, George, so I think if it’s something she wants to do, then that’s completely up to her”.


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“DJ, my youngest, she's only ever known Ryan. Her dad died when she was only five, she's only ever known Ryan. So we're going to go down the adoption route as well with DJ”.

Sharing more about her health anxiety, Kerry added, “But also, if anything was to happen to me, I want to make sure that security is there for my children to remain with Ryan and by being married, that all helps”.

As well as being mum to Dylan-Jorge, Kerry is mum to 21-year-old Molly and 20-year-old Lilly, whom she shares with ex-husband Brian McFadden, and 16-year-old Heidi and 15-year-old Max, whom she had with ex-husband Mark Croft.