Anyone with more than one child knows what it's like to deal with sibling jealousy, and even reality star Kim Kardashian has faced the music on more than one occasion. 


In her first interview since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, the mother-of-two opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about parenting, and how difficult it has been. 


Kim revealed that North, three, has been extremely jealous of her son Saint, one, to the point where she has even pretended to breastfeed North, to keep her jealousy over her younger sibling at bay.


The TV star opened up about how "smart and sweet" her two kids are, but admitted that her family dynamic has changed since she welcomed her son back in 2015. 



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"He is my twin, he is literally my twin personality. I don't want to be like 'I'm so sweet', but he is so sweet and just like such a good, good boy; like such a good person," she gushed to Ellen, about her son. 


Kim also talked about Saint's relationship with his big sister: "No, I mean North beats him up all day long, and he doesn't cry! She's just awful; she's so jealous, and I thought it was a phase, but it's not going away,"


She continued, "She just says boys aren't allowed in her room. When she's gone at school, I'm like, 'It's time, let's go in her room, do whatever you want, go crazy.'"


Kim, 36, also told Ellen that North's jealousy has gotten rather problematic at times, to the point where she can't even hold her son for fear of North getting angry. 


"She's just so jealous. I can't hold him, I have to stop breastfeeding him. When I was breastfeeding him, she was so jealous that I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw."




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Despite North's jealous streak, Kim told Ellen that she is an extremely intelligent and sweet young girl: "She's really, really smart, actually; she knows how to outsmart us, or she thinks she does, but she is Kanye's twin. Same personality, says the same wild things."


After all the talk about kids, Kim moved on to gushing about her beloved husband, Kanye West, who will be turning 40 this year. 


"He does the most amazing, romantic, over-the-top, crazy, wild things that you would never even imagine for me. So the pressure is so on! I think I still want it to be intimate, maybe small," she said. "Not too crazy. Not too overwhelming just yet."



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Kim also briefly opened up about how she has been since her horrible ordeal in Paris last year, where she was robbed at gunpoint in a hotel room: 


"I don't want to start crying, but I know it was meant to happen. I feel like I'm such a different person. I don't want to cry anymore. I really feel like things happen in your life to teach you things.


"It was probably no secret, you see it on the show me being flashy, but I was definitely materialistic before. Not that there's anything bad with having things and working hard to get those things. I'm really proud of everyone around me that's successful," admitted the star, acknowledging the fact that she was quite materialistic before the attack. 


There were 17 people arrested in connection to the armed robbery, and 10 people have been charged so far.