We all know that eating proper food, and exercising is vital to keeping us healthy, but did you know that laughter is just as important.


Don’t believe us? The following might change your mind:


How does it work?

When we laugh, our brain gives off naturally occurring chemicals called endorphins that help us feel better.


Works the muscles

When you laugh you are literally exercising your diaphragm, abdominals, lungs, facial and back muscles.


Reduce stress

According to research, happiness can lower cortisol, the stress hormone. It also helps to lower your blood pressure and raise your heart rate.


Reduces the risks of developing kidney disease 

According to the Foundation for Advancement of International Science, laughter appears to lower protein levels in the body which can help reduce kidney disease and kidney failure.


Ease pain

The physical act of laughing and how it affects your brain can help prevent pain. Another study found that participants who were laughing when they put their hands in water were found to tolerate the pain a lot more.