Laura Anderson reveals reason why she had to take daughter Bonnie to A&E

Laura Anderson has revealed the reason why she had to rush her baby daughter to hospital.

On Tuesday, the former Love Island star confirmed that she had taken her seven-month-old daughter Bonnie to A&E.

Now, a few days on from the worrying experience, Laura has shared the reason why her little girl needed medical attention.

In an interview with MailOnline, the 34-year-old was asked about the moment she knew that Bonnie was unwell.

“I got such a fright because I'd come straight from Capital [Scotland Radio] and I was trialing a nanny so she didn't know her too well, and I came in and just looked at her and I thought, ‘You're usually so smiley and happy,’ but she didn't really seem herself,” she recalled.

“I just knew straight away and then I picked her up and I felt she was so hot. I took her temperature and it was 39 and the thermometer went red and flashed like an alarm,” she continued.

After detailing that she was recommended to go to A&E immediately, Laura admitted that her “heart just sank”.

“I was trying not to be stressed, her temperature had gone down a little bit and they did loads of tests and they had to try and get urine from her, which was a nightmare,” she stated, adding that Bonnie’s “temperature was still quite high” the next day.

“She's just on the mend, they said sometimes they can get a viral thing and it can raise their heart rate up as well when they've got a temperature, so that's quite alarming,” Laura confessed, confirming that her “little rascal” is now “totally back to normal”.

The reality star also revealed that her mother will now become Bonnie’s nanny.

“My mum has now said she is going to leave her job and I'm going to basically employ her instead of a nanny that I don't know, and she's gonna have her every morning for me,” Laura praised, adding that the decision is a “weight lifted off my shoulders”.