Families and conflict always seem to go hand in hand. No matter how much you love each other, sometimes you fail to agree on certain things and arguments ensure.


But while there is no getting around the fact that they will happen, how can you ensure they don’t last forever?


1. Talk in person

Never share your emotion in an email or text, it never sounds exactly as you want it to sound and can sometimes make things worse.


2. Learn to listen to two sides of the argument

It is easy to solely focus on getting your point across, but make sure you take the time to learn to listen and accept that other people have a different point of view.



3. Give yourself a chance to cool down

If you have been really riled up you need to take a moment to calm down otherwise the argument will keep going around in circles. Explain to the other person that you need a minute and walk out of the room. Breathe in deeply and count to ten until you feel a little more relaxed before going back in.


4. Don’t allow yourself blow up

You need to stay calm and collected when dealing with an argument otherwise it will go unresolved for a long time. Tell yourself that you aren’t allowed blow up and you will make a conscious effort to stay calm.


5. Take responsibility

You need to take responsibility for your role in the conflict – this will be the start of the road to recovery.