She is currently expecting her second child with partner Jason Sudeikis, but it was Olivia Wilde’s mum who was at the centre of attention this week.


The House star’s mum, Leslie, turned 64 yesterday, and marked the special occasion with a day spent flying kites with her daughter and two-year-old grandson, Otis.


Sharing photos from the day on her Instagram account, Olivia posted a wonderful tribute to her beloved mother.



“My mum turns 64 today. She makes it look fun, healthy and beautiful. I can’t wait to know, recognise and remember as much as she does,” she wrote.


The actress, who announced her pregnancy news in April, added: “Let’s stop pretending we’re the sh** before we’ve lived through the sh**. Happy birthday. Sorry for swearing.”


She went on to share a beautiful shot of Leslie cuddling little Otis, branding her an ‘awesome grandmother’.



One more cuz she's also an awesome grandmother whoa! 

A photo posted by Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde) on


A number of Olivia’s fans took to the comment sections of her photos to praise her for her dedication to her mum.


“Our youth obsession nowadays is sometimes concerning to me. We should be far more positive about the elderly and growing old,” wrote one fan.


We totally agree!


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