We absolutely adore Harry Potter, and all it stands for, and we seriously encourage all you gorgeous mums to let your kiddos read the books. 


It only dawned on us in recent years that there is so much more than just witches and wizards involved in these amazing novels. 


The stories of love and bravery are enough to teach any little one an amazing life lesson. 


Check these out:


1. Confidence and bravery are NOT the same. 


We all remember Gilderoy Lockhart, right? He proved to us that bravery comes from within and cannot be confused with confidence. His faux bravery got him a faulty memory, a worthless book deal, and the boot from Hogwarts.


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2. Money cannot buy happiness. 


Listen, money can buy a lot, but it is not the key to joy. Harry Potter was left very wealthy when his parents passed away, but this did not concern him. He cared more for his friends and family. 


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3. Pay attention in school.


If Hermione Granger isn't a role model for children all over the world, then I don't know who is. She is an absolute smarty pants, and has used her intelligence to get herself (and the boys) out of trouble time and time again. 


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4. Don't judge a book by its cover.


Hey, we all sort of assumed that Sirius Black and Snape were evil, based on appearance (and those scary "Wanted" posters). But, they both turn out to be cool guys. 


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5. Animals make great friends. 


Sometimes, animals are even better than humans. Throughout the books, Harry spends time with his loyal furry friends, Hedwig and Buckbeak. The most loyal creatures EVER. 


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6. You can overcome fear.


There's rarely a time that Harry and his squad aren't facing something they're afraid of. With bravery and courage, they always overcome it, and that's not only possible in fiction novels.


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7. Love is the most important thing.


Harry literally lived because his parents loved him so much. That is pretty darn impressive. 


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8. Mums are pretty unstoppable (but we knew that already).


Slow clap for the absolute BOSS that is Mrs Weasley. She takes absolutely no sh*t from anyone, and when Bellatrix Lestrange tries to hex her daughter, Ginny, she kills her. Fair. 


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