Listen up: Niall Breslin is releasing a mental health podcast

Today, multi-platinum selling songwriter and mental health activist, Niall Breslin announced the launch of his own podcast series, Where is my Mind?. Available to listen to today across all streaming platforms, the six episode podcast series will guide listeners on how to navigate the manic, always-on and head-melting world they find themselves in today.

Where is my Mind? will follow Niall discussing what impact today’s society has on individuals, discussing a variety of coping techniques on how to deal with the overstimulated mindset people find themselves in by introducing the basics of mindfulness practice and meditation. Each podcast episode will enable listeners to learn the skills to help with breaking that autopilot mode, how to navigate constant distraction, how to be a more skilful stress-head and even how to get good at Jenga.


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Speaking on the announcement, Founder of Where is my Mind?, Niall Breslin said ‘We all share a lot of the same issues and insecurities and to ask are there practical things we can all do to lessen the impact of the lightning-fast, high pressure world on our ability to be able to sleep soundly at night? For me the podcast platform is the most intimate way to explore this context in more detail and perhaps support people in the internal and external difficulties they will inevitably face in this life’.


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Available to stream today, the first episode of Where is my Mind? discusses how individuals end up zoning out and living on autopilot in today’s hectic world, while looking at various techniques to overcome this habit ensuring to stay present in everyday life.

Other episodes within the podcast series will discuss various topics helping to create a healthier mind space when dealing with various issues such as distraction, chaos in today’s modern world, communication and perspective. Each episode is accompanied by a structured mindfulness programme and a guided meditation where Bressie leads the listener in the principles of mindfulness practice.


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Working exclusively with Acast across the podcast series, Jennifer Dollard, Acast’s Content Manager for Ireland said 'Where Is My Mind? is such a beautifully-crafted podcast around mindfulness. It really taps into the power of podcasting - an intimate and engaging environment that helps you to switch off from the world around you. We’re proud to have such a progressive show as part of our network’.

The Where is my Mind? podcast series will be released weekly on Mondays and is available on Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all other channels.