You spend most of your day at your place of work so it is not surprising it has a huge influence on your happiness.


And while we all deal with stress and pressure in different ways, ensuring you are happy at work is one of the most important things you can do:


1. Saviour that coffee

Don’t rush or gulp down your coffee as you try to work through your emails in the morning. Instead, take five minutes to make and savour your hot cuppa.


2. Help your colleagues

Whether you grab your colleague a bar of chocolate on your lunch or give them a hand with a project, helping others will also boost your happiness levels.


3. Reflect on your day

Just before you clock off for the night, take a minute to reflect on the positive aspects of your day. It is easy to remember the bad things that happened but by making the effort to recall the positive moments, you will instantly feel the benefits.


4. Smile

Give your colleagues a smile when you walk past them and you know you will get one in return.



5. Stop being negative

Even if you love your job there are probably aspects about it that you don’t particularly like. However, rather than spending time moaning or being negative focus in on the things you do love and you will instantly reap the rewards.


6. Laugh

Tell a joke, read something funny or share hilarious anecdotes – there is much to be said about having a laugh to instantly boost your happiness level.


7. Move around

Sitting or standing in the same spot for hours can be really draining so make sure you get up and head out for some natural light.


8. Make friends

You are going to be spending a lot of time with the people in the office so make sure you strike up a friendship or two.