Love is Blind star Jessica Vestal opens up about being away from daughter during filming

Jessica Vestal has been opening up about her experience on Love is Blind. 

Jessica starred in the most recent season of the reality show, but didn’t end up leaving with a fiancé. 

While she found herself falling for Jimmy Presnell, he ended up choosing to get engaged to Chelsea Blackwell, leaving Jessica single by the time it was time to leave The Pods.


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Now, Jessica, who is a proud mum to 10-year-old Autumn, has been speaking out about her time on the show and discussed the ‘crippling anxiety’ she felt while being away from her daughter.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Vestal decided to answer a Q&A from some of her 164K followers, where one fan asked, “What was the hardest thing about being away from Autumn?”.

The 29-year-old responded by explaining, “We’re so close and do literally everything together, so the separation anxiety was pretty crippling”.


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“But it was a good time for us both to have some independence”.

Jessica went on to say, “I'm not joking when I say I had never been away from her for longer than two days her whole life”.

“She was soooo supportive and excited for me to go, and neither of us regret it”, she honestly added. 

Another of Jessica’s fans asked, “What did Autumn do while you were in LIB?”.


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While sharing her answer, Vestal revealed, “This is a really good question and I’m glad somebody asked me. Autumn was with her dad while I was in The Pods”.

“It was a really good time for them to bond and have some father-daughter time 

She continued, “He actually took her on vacation and while I was gone my best friends would pick Autumn up, take her shopping, take her to lunch and stuff like that. So she was well taken care of”. 

After leaving Love is Blind and being reunited with her daughter, Jessica admitted, “We hugged and cried for at least 10 minutes”.