Love Island star Lavena Back shares details about life since becoming a mum-of-two

Lavena Back has been opening up about mum-life. 

The former Love Island star, who appeared in the villa in 2019, welcomed her first child, Sage, into the world in August 2022 and went on to give birth to her son, Bodhi, on Christmas Eve 2023. 

Now, Lavena has shared an insight into her motherhood experience since becoming a mum of two children that are 16 months apart in age. 


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While speaking on her Instagram Stories to her 141K followers, Lavena answered a Q&A from her fans about life as a mum. 

One fan asked her, ‘How’s the age gap? Thinking about trying for baby #2, not sure how long to wait’

Back responded by explaining, “It’s going well and I feel like we are finally kind of getting into the groove of things”. 

“Don’t get me wrong guys, there are days and hours and minutes where I’m like , ‘Oh my God, this is intense’, where I feel overstimulated”.


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She went on to speak about having to juggle aspects of her daily routine by saying, “I was literally just trying to cook dinner and film content at the same time and manage two children- that was like brain overload”.

“But then there’s just days where their bond is so beautiful but yeah you do have to be ready. I think it’s definitely intense so you do have to be ready for baby number two if it’s a close gap”.

Another fan asked the former reality TV star, ‘Have you taken both babies out on your own yet? How have you found it?’


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Lavena then posted a video of her and her children going grocery shopping and admitted, “Yes I have, I was sooo nervous at first because there are so many variables you have to think about”.

When previously speaking out about life as a mum of two under two, Lavena unveiled a touching video of snippets with her son and daughter together. 

She revealed, “Putting this video together made me teary ! 2 under 2 is not easy but seeing my babies bond grow each day makes everything worth it, forever grateful x”.