Love Island star Malin Andersson quits drinking alcohol as she used it as a ‘coping tool’

Former Love Island contestant Malin Andersson has opened up about her battle with using alcohol as a coping mechanism and has revealed that she is quitting drinking alcohol from today. 

Andersson shared a selfie to Instagram with a lengthy caption explaining the reasons why she relied on drinking alcohol in the past and why she is quitting it now.

She wrote, “Hi everyone. Today I quit alcohol. Every single drop of it. For those that have followed me and read my book, I have always used alcohol as a coping mechanism for when times have been hard”.

“There has always been an underlying pain from taumas I’ve gone through even when I have been happy and drank I always took it too far”.

The Positivity is Our Superpower author continued, “It started in my teens with partying  and my early 20’s- I just wouldn’t have an off button. I wouldn’t know when to stop. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t wake up and drink, I wouldn’t say I had a problem - but the way I used alcohol as a coping tool WAS the problem”.

“Anyway-since Xaya has been born the last 6 months my life has been completely changed. I don’t drink during the week - I don’t even have a red wine here or there which I used to love and it’s insane because my mind simply doesn't want it. I have so much love from Xaya that it fills this void”.

Malin goes on to explain that there is one ‘problem’, and it’s when Xaya isn’t with her. “I literally don’t know what to do with myself”.

“The emptiness creeps in and I miss her when she’s with J. I try and pass the time but it doesn’t seem to work.. So sometimes on the weekend (not every) I have a wine or so”.

The former reality TV star explains that her body ‘hates’ alcohol now and she feels ‘like utter crap’ the day after drinking. “I just hate who I am when I’m hungover”.

“It’s mental all I have to have is 2 wines to have a sore head - and it’s not worth it. So today I quit. Had enough. Ain’t doing it”. She closes off her caption by asking for sobriety tips from her 738K Instagram followers. 

Malin welcomed Xaya into the world on January 28 of this year with her ex-partner, Jared, three years after the tragic death of her four-and-a-half-week-old daughter. Consy sadly passed away in January 2019 after being born seven weeks premature.