Love Island’s Dr Alex George confirms emergency hospital admission

Dr Alex George has confirmed that he was admitted to A&E during Easter weekend.

The former Love Island star had initially informed his Instagram followers yesterday afternoon (April 1) that he was unwell with tonsillitis.

After stating that he may need “a trip to a and e tomorrow morning if it progresses,” Dr Alex has now admitted that his illness worsened quicker than he hoped.

Earlier today, the 33-year-old posted two snaps from his experience in hospital.

“So Easter didn’t go so well. I was hoping to do a March photo dump today but here we are. Last few days I have had tonsillitis with fevers, but yesterday the swelling around my tonsil went crazy and the pain was very bad. I was hoping it wouldn’t get worse but at midnight last night, it was too much and I could hardly swallow so I went to St Thomas A&E,” he confirmed.

“Kind of weird for me coming back to St Thomas Hospital, as a few years ago I nearly died of sepsis. If it were not for the incredible care of the doctors and nurses I wouldn’t be here,” he admitted. 

Thanking the hospital staff, Dr Alex wrote: “I had medications and a procedure overnight, and felt some relief. I have had another procedure this morning and feel on the mend. I cannot emphasize, reiterate, or say this enough, I am so grateful to everyone that has looked after me.”

Noting that he hopes to return home “later this evening or tomorrow”, Dr Alex concluded by penning: “I’m lying in the hospital bed right now, feeling slightly high from the steroids, but really thinking how much I value my health, being able to move and exercise, being able to feel well. Never take it for granted! No day is promised, let's live as much as we can.”

Many of Alex’s followers have since sent him their well-wishes, with one commenting: “Sending love. Spot on with what you say.”

“Oh no, hope you’re feeling much better very soon,” another replied.