Love Island’s Montana Brown shares candid insight into motherhood & confidence

Montana Brown has been opening up about her life recently. 

The former Love Island star, who appeared in the villa in 2017, welcomed her son, Jude, into the world in June 2023 with her fiancé Mark O’Connor.

While settling into motherhood, Montana has revealed that at times she ‘felt like a different person’. 


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Montana has now revealed she feels ‘really great mentally and physically’ and has shared an insight into her own experience with her confidence levels after becoming a mum. 

On Instagram, the former reality star posted a video in a new gym set and spoke candidly to her 1.1M followers about worrying about how the outfit would look on her after having a baby. 

In the footage, she admitted, “I saw that it said ‘small’ on the packaging and I voicenoted Sef being like, ‘I just had a baby nine months ago, I just don’t think it’s going to fit or look nice’.


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After revealing she was ‘wowed’ and ‘felt confident’ in the outfit after she tried it on, Montana shared details about how her confidence levels have been in recent times. 

She explained, “Honestly today has been a real epiphany that it’s the first time I’ve felt really good and confident about myself in a REALLY long time. I think the combination of sleep deprivation, being so unkind to myself about my body (so unlike me) and just getting so frustrated at my brain for being so unproductive, disorganised and feeling like I can’t function to the point that I felt like a different person”.

“I honestly have had no patience especially for Mark, he is always so funny and full of life and the death stares I’ve been dishing, the silent treatments and the sudden inability to find any of his jokes funny”.


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“BUT I feel really great mentally and physically and so I just wanted to share that because I know so many mums feel alone and in the thick of it but really we’re all struggling. So I promise it gets easier and I really appreciate all the amazing people in my life who have helped me through this time of being low, being unable to show up in the way I would normally and SO critical of myself”.

The mum-of-one continued, “I’m really lucky to have a partner who has massively stepped up when I have had nothing left in the tank, so for those who are doing this solo parenting thing I have SO much respect for you because it’s so hard!”.

“Anyways, my point is…. I feel like finally im getting back to my normal vibrant and positive self. thanks for all the wonderful mummies in my DM’s who share your experiences as you help me so much xxxx”.