Made in Chelsea’s Ryan Libbey shares insight into fiancée Louise’s hospitalisation

Ryan Libbey has revealed his fiancée Louise Thompson has returned to hospital. 

The news comes after Louise had to cut their family holiday in Antigua short earlier this month after ‘losing cupfulls of blood’ due to a flare-up of her ulcerative colitis.

The former Made in Chelsea star had to spend over two weeks in hospital and underwent surgery but was later released to begin her recovery journey at home. 


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Now, Ryan has revealed his partner is back in hospital and is ‘praying’ she will be home by the weekend. 

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Libbey told his 235K followers that he was buying Louise a gift to pass the time on the hospital ward after she was hospitalised again on Sunday. 

He shared a photo of a selection of different coloured headphones and revealed, “Picked up a little gift for Louise earlier this morning. Unfortunately she had to go back into hospital at 3am on Sunday morning and she’s still there”.

“I’m hoping these will transport her to her own little world whilst she’s on the ward recovering”.

While bringing his and Louise’s son, Leo, to nursery earlier this morning, Ryan posted a picture of him and his little one online and admitted that Leo cried when he saw a photo of Louise on Ryan’s phone. 

The personal trainer explained, “He [Leo] saw a picture of mummy on my phone this morning which really upset him. So getting him to this point where he relaxed and gave daddy a kiss took a while today”.

“Leo is turning into such a compassionate, loving little man - I'm so proud of him (and his mum)”.

Ryan closed off by adding, “Praying this weekend we will be home together. Enough tests now - leave us be”.

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Louise recently shared an insight into her recovery after being released from hospital following an operation earlier this month.

Speaking on Instagram, she revealed, “A sweaty and sore 48 hours. But we move. Recovery isn’t linear and all that jazz. Mission: get through the weekend, then review”.

Thompson also praised Ryan for his support amid her ill health and recovery battle by admitting, “Ryan has been a saint taking Leo to do boyish activities, taking… and collecting him from nursery, dropping me at all my medical appointments that, believe me, are racking up and also doing bath-time and bedtime as I can’t lift. The list goes on”.