While it's not possible to completely keep an eye on your teen throughout the holidays, there are a few things that you can do to ensure they stay safe for the summer. 
1. Sun
Make sure your teen is completely covered in sun cream, as well as wearing the appropriate gear such as a sun hat before leaving the house. It’s important that your teen keeps hydrated too, so make sure they have a bottle of water with them as well.
2. Partying
There will be plenty of reasons for your teens to party this summer, from teen discos and exam celebrations to the many festivals. While you may have already had the alcohol conversation with your teen, summer is especially an important time to revisit the topic. Most teens will want to let loose, especially after some stress-filled months of exams and will often be tempted to take some alcohol to celebrate. Explain to your teen that while you do want them to have fun, you also don’t want any harm to come to them and explain the consequences of drinking. 
3. 'The talk'
It’s quite common for your teen to develop a romance during the long suumer months, so it's important to give your teen a few reminders in that department. Explain that you have no problem with them pursuing a romance, but there are certain things that they may not be ready for and it’s still important that they keep safe as well as putting their comfort and needs first.
4. Rules
The summer holidays will give your teen plenty of freedom and as a result of this, you will need to enforce some house rules. While you will probably be more lenient towards how long your teen can actually stay out for, you will still need to make sure that they’re home by a certain hour and enforce the consequences if they don’t keep up with their curfew.