Motherhood is one of the most draining but rewarding jobs in the entire world, and while everyone can acknowledge this, it truly takes one mum to recognise the ‘unseen’ struggles of another mum’s experience.


This has been illustrated in the most powerful way by Abi Oborne, a mum and blogger at Like Real Life.


In a touching poem titled ‘Nobody saw you’ (link here), Abi gives an all-too-true insight into the sometimes hidden part of motherhood.



From the sleepless nights spent comforting and feeding our babies to cleaning up after our little ones, and those moments when it’s just too hard to stay calm; Abi drives home the significance of these unseen moments in a mother's life.


“Nobody saw you, nobody at all at 3am when they woke again. Nobody saw you picking up the peas, wiping up the beans, emptying the laundry basket, taking out the bins, again and again,” she writes.


We can totally relate to Abi as she reflects on being ‘so bored of playing princess ninja pirate turtles’ but playing on anyway, to ‘holding the sick bucket in the night’ when our little ones get sick.



“Nobody saw how much you gave every day, every night, every 5am, every 5pm, every moment. Have I ever told you that I think you are such a wonderful Mum?” muses Abi.


We’re sure this piece will resonate with many mums out there.


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