There is nothing more beautiful than the innocent inquisitiveness of children, and mum Hazel Hulse has provided us with a wonderful example of how hilarious this can be.


British mum Hazel has become a viral internet sensation this week, after sharing a photo of what happened when her five-year-old daughter mistook sanitary towels for shoe insoles!


Taking to Facebook to share a photo of the pads, placed delicately inside Sophia’s shoebox, Hazel admitted that she was ‘about to die laughing’ when she made the discovery.



Recalling their exchange, Hazel shared Sophia’s reaction to her confusion and amusement: “Sophia: <eye roll> ‘Mummy, they’re insoles! They make your shoes more comfy. You’re so silly!’”


As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for Hazel’s hilarious post to go viral online – and fellow mums can well and truly relate!



“Got to love when they do something so funny out of pure innocence, and don’t even realise,” wrote one highly amused friend.


Meanwhile, over on the Love What Matters page, another mum revealed how she actually once placed ‘Maxi Pads’ in her niece’s shoes, in order to make her tall enough to go on ‘big kid’ rides!


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