There is so much discussion about transgender bathrooms, with celebrities even lending their voices to the debate, but there is another group in society that needs our help: those with disabilities.


Mum Shannon Campbell has raised awareness of the difficulties faced by those with disabilities when using a public bathroom, through a hard-hitting Facebook post documenting her son’s own struggle.


Shannon is mum to 16-year-old Brennan, who has Cri Du Chat syndrome – a chromosomal condition which results in delayed development and physical disabilities.


Taking to social media to share her thoughts after watching a debate on the merits of transgender bathrooms, Shannon posted a photo of her son on the floor of a public toilet.



“Everyone deserves to use bathrooms safely. But the population that is left behind is the disabled. I will be bold enough to show what I mean. My son Brennan has Cri Du Chat. He is totally dependent on me for care,” she explained.


Describing their experiences in the public bathrooms as ‘nearly impossible and not safe’, Shannon went on to petition for a change in conditions.


“Toilets are not big enough, changing tables are only for infants and toddlers. Safety bars are too low, and so on. Hospitals, malls, medical facilities, amusement parks and tourist attractions should have at least one bathroom for individuals like my son,” she added.


This is surely a universal problem – do you find the conditions and facilities in the disabled toilets adequate?


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