When payday rolls around we often find ourselves moseying through the Zara rails. We sneakily scroll through the ASOS website adding coats and boots and dresses to our baskets. Shopping may seem like a complete dream, that is until we reach the dressing room, where we wrestle with skinny jeans.


One mum has opened up about how difficult shopping can be, especially when we need to find a dress. The women behind imomsohard have brightened our day by being so honest about their dressing room nightmares.


Kristin Hensley, who is one of the genius mum behind the hilarious account, recently went viral when she wrote about her struggle to find the perfect dress.


She wrote about how damaging shopping can be for one’s self-confidence, “Shopping sucks. I had to try on dresses today and nothing fit. It's the worst feeling in the world!"


Many mums will resonate with her experience. Trying on dozens of dresses can be intense, especially when you fail to find something that makes you feel confident about your body.



The mum added, “I'm not big. I'm not small. I'm a size 10 (an 8 at The Gap) and most of it's in my middle because I had babies.”


The shopping trip showed Kristin that there is nothing wrong with her body, “I run. I lift weights and I'm strong.”


However, it did leave her feeling low and uncomfortable in her own skin. The dresses she tried on knocked her confidence, “These f**king dresses made me feel weak, misshapen, and lumpy, which in all honesty I kinda am.”


Despite her insecurities, the mum realised that just because she couldn’t find a dress that she liked, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with her body.


Her body is powerful and strong. Her body carried her babies and protected them for nine months. When she returned home it dawned on her that the label on her dress didn’t matter.



Kristen wrote, “I got home, looked at pictures of my kids, smelled the chicken I had cooking on the stove, and poured a glass of wine.”


As she settled down at home, the mum realised that in the grand scheme of things, shopping isn’t important.


The mum concluded, “In the end, it’s just a dress. And I look better in pants anyway.”


The imomsohard Instagram page was flooded with praise from adoring mums.


One user wrote, “I love you. No really. So many women needed this right now, or needed to read this in the past or will need to read it later. You're amazing.”


Another added, “Thank you for posting this. It's refreshing to see something real.”


Kristen’s body positive message will make dozens of mums feel better.