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Thank you to everyone who volunteered to take part in the NUK Trial. Here are the 10 testers who have been selected. If your name is on the list, we have sent you an email with the details of this trial.
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joanne2903 10/05/2015
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Mums Selected for NUK trial

Originally posted by joanne290382

i have tested the NUK First Choice + Bottle & NUK Bottle Cleanser. we have always used NUK on my children we have used Soothers, Bottles and Sippy Cups and other things. i think both products are brilliant i cant compare to other products as iv only ever used NUK products on my children. Iwill be buying the NUK bottle cleanser the whole time i find it great and the bottle.I preferred the NUK first choice + bottle.Now i really would rate both products 10 out of 10. As i said i would always buy NUK products for myself and family.I would highly recommend these products to friends and family and anyone. The NUK First chioce + bottle really is great as my baby is colic and i found this one to help the best. Thank You.


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