Mums selected for the Fairy Non Bio Gel Mums Say Trial are:
02/09/2016 17:27
Thank you to everyone who volunteered to take part in the Fairy Non-Bio Gel Mums Say Trial. Here are the 20 testers who have been selected. If your name is on the list, we will be in touch shortly with the details of this trial.
1. Jenny Connell
2. Jennifer O'Brien
3. Katie Dowling
4. Katarzyna Kalina
5. Ruth O'Connor
6. Martina Murray
7. Caroline Gooney
8. Kate Delaney
9. Amanda Sadlier
10. Muirne Dillon
11. Sarah O'Connor
12. Rhona Clifford
13. Claroel Farrell
14. Michelle O'Connor
15. Claire Reynolds
16. Carol Maguire
17. Belinda Phillips
18. Nicola O'Connor
19. Anna Harvey
20. Gillian Burke Faulkner
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