My tummy wobbles, its muscles are fragile,

Because it carried a life for such a long while.

Those extra layers kept him cosy and warm,

And protected my son until the day he was born.



My chest can be empty or full and sore,

But it provides nourishment and so much more,

Whether I'm lopsided or I've sprung a leak,

For comfort, it's where my baby will seek.



My belly has stretch marks, is covered in wrinkles,

But those are just the wrapping paper crinkles,

From an amazing gift, beyond my dreams,

My body is more beautiful than it seems.


Celebrate your baby body mammas! Every mark or scar is a badge of honor and they should all be worn with pride.


I am a first time mother who has found great comfort and relief in the writings of others. I hope I can do the same for someone else out there.

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