Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha has weighed in on the smacking debate, saying she would “dance in the streets” if it was made illegal.


During a debate on the afternoon show about whether it was ever OK to smack a child, the former EastEnders actress said that she “hated” her own mum when she did it to her.


“My mum hit me, 70s kind of hitting, we all got hit. And I hated it, and I hated her every single time she did it,” she explained.


"It does nothing but cause anger inside me and I remember promising myself that I wouldn't do the same to my children."



The debate was raised after ministers in Scotland said they would consider removing the defence of "reasonable chastisement", a change that has already happened here in Ireland


However, while Nadia said she would "dance in the streets if they make this illegal", fellow panelist Jane Moore disagreed with her. 


"If you bring in a law that makes it illegal all you do is demonise parents," she said. 


"I think the people that are nasty, it would drive them underground. They would do it in their house where people wouldn't see it."


What are your thoughts? 


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