It’s hard to find a good exercise regime when you’re pregnant.


Something that we feel comfortable doing, is safe and not a complete bore.


Enter pregnancy yoga.


This pregnant-friendly alternative seems to be a big hit amongst expectant mums as it caters to their fitness needs as well as providing great stress relief.


Pregnancy yoga is an amazing way of strengthening your body as it changes dramatically during those nine months.


With particular focus on the lower back, these classes aim to make supporting a growing belly a lot easier.


They also claim to prepare women for labour and delivery by providing them with the skills needed to relax their bodies.


It’s also a great way of meeting other expectant mums with similar interests which is always a good thing.


Still don’t know if it’s for you?


Why not take inspiration from these mums who are loving all the benefits of pregnancy yoga.



“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” — Roman Payne #34WeeksPregnant (+2 Days)

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Day 24 of #RockYourShakti is Eka Pada RajakapotasanaHip openers did not come easy to me. It took me one year just to stop crying in a basic pigeon pose! Add in my difficulty with backbending and shoulder rotation and you can understand why it took me several years to do this pose.If you struggle here I strongly recommend doing pigeon frequently for 25-30 breaths, using a blanket or anything else to make it more bearable. Use a belt or strap to practice the shoulder rotation in other poses, like crescent lunge and also to help open the hip flexors. During my 7th month of pregnancy this pose did not feel okay, but during the last couple of weeks it feels great on my right side (after a long warmup) so I have been enjoying it. When I work on the left side I don't feel much freedom right now so I use a strap. If you had told me two years ago that I would be able to do this pose at all while 8 months pregnant I would have laughed at you!I always tell my students to be patient and never worry about the full variation, just constantly work on pigeon because it has amazing benefits for your body. It is especially beneficial for runners and other athletes to prevent injury, as well as preventing/curing sciatica.#33weekspregnant #yolga Leggings by @prana #Prana @shiningshakti @cshakti14 @yoga_ky @getfityogagirl

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I was tagged by @rebeccaxiolayogini to #StopDropAndYoga and @lindsayumlahrhn to share 5 non-yoga facts. 1. I cannot brush my teeth with cold water. It has nothing to do with a sensitivity to cold, I just prefer warm water whilst cleaning my chomps. 2. I have the tendency to be the person that laughs too loud or too long at something. OR! Will burst into a fit of laughter for no reason whatsoever. This usually ends with the real need to use my inhaler. 3. I am a cancer, introvert, and predominantly Kapha-Pitta. So, my home space is very important to me, I'm socially awkward most of the time, can take a nap (or as I say, take a "coma") like nobody's business, and am highly self-motivated. 4. My favorite color is red. I very vividly remember being in art class around second or third grade, and a boy told me I cannot like red because I'm a girl. I should like pink or purple instead. I jabbed him with a pair of scissors!!Relax friends, they were the plastic safety scissors, I didn't break the skin. #ThatsAPittaForYa 5. I'm currently addicted to Arnold Palmers (lemonade and iced tea). I don't even like lemonade!! #PregnancyProblems I've been making my own at home and it's been fun to experiment with different tea and fresh fruit. --------------------------------------------------- Now I tag: @joe_lizzzzzz_yoga @balanceandlive @kimreg07 @inkedinyoga @mountainflower to #StopDropAndYoga AND share 5 non-yoga facts.

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Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. - Walt Whitman

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See, if they can do so can we.