Navigating the nine months leading up to your baby's arrival is no mean feat.

Along with swollen ankles and bizarre cravings, pregnancy also throws up countless anxieties regarding the practicalities of welcoming a child into your life.

Where will you store everything? Is one bib better than another? Do babies really go through that many nappies a week?

Feeling overwhelmed at some points is, unfortunately, part and parcel of the pregnancy journey, but getting on top of certain practicalities will go a long way to assuaging a frantic mama's mind.

And here are just 7 items your tot will need from the moment he or she arrives into your life.


Yes, it seems a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many frantic mums and dads forget to stock up on this essential in the run-up to their little one's arrival.

From choosing adorable babygros to settling on a colour for the nursery, it's easy to forget the less enticing items in the excitement that a new baby brings!

Don't spend your little one's first day rowing over who forgot to pick up nappies during the last nine months, and be prepared!



Babies needs bibs - we all know that - but how many of us have forgotten just how many they need?!

You can never overestimate the number of bibs a newborn will make their way through, so don't find yourself stuck short on this front.


Cotton baby vests

Make sure you have vests to keep Baby warm and cosy upon their arrival.

While many of us happily spend nine months ooh'ing and ahh'ing over babygros and teen-tiny socks, not all of us remember to stock up on this one very important undergarment until after our tot makes their grand entrance.


Cotton sleepsuit

As any mum or mum-to-be will know, bedtime and sleeping routines are probably two of the most discussed topics in the lead-up to your tot's arrival.

And while you won't know whether your little one will struggle with sleep or take to a routine like a duck to water, what you can ensure is their comfort!

By investing in some high-quality cotton sleepsuits, you'll be content in the knowledge that your tot is comfy enough to snooze... even if they don't seem to know it!


Cotton hats

If there's anything cuter than a newborn's hat, we have yet to find it!

An hour or two comparing and admiring the various styles available to newborns is enough to put anyone in a good mood, and hey you'll be checking an essential item off the list too!



Many of us assume we'll be gifted with a blanket upon our little one's arrival, but you're best to be prepared and ensure you have one ready if anyone drops the ball on that front!

Considering the fact so many children opt to hold on to their baby blanket long after they need it indicates how important this item is.

In addition to providing your child with a sense of security, it also helps children recognise nap-time when it comes around.


Water Wipes

If you thought you relied on wipes before the arrival of your child, nothing will prepare you for the love affair you'll experience with them after their arrival.

While generally used as part of the nappy changing routine, us mums know that water wipes are much, much more than that.

Lifesavers, that's what they are.


Soft Toys

While we know adoring friends and relatives will be only dying to gift the new arrival with an abundance of soft toys, it's always an idea to choose one yourself in the run-up to your due date.

Knowing that you're packing your child's first little friend into your hospital bag makes the journey to the maternity ward all the more exciting!


But listen... 

If you're currently suffering from baby brain, and are having trouble remembering your own name let alone the various items you'll need once your child arrives, why not let the good folk behind The Baby Box do the thinking for you?

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In conjunction with UNICEF, The Baby Box will provide 10 vaccination kits to developing nations for every one Baby Box sold.

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