Need breastfeeding support? Check out this mums great idea!

Breastfeeding has been established as the best source of nutrition for babies since before we can even remember. Its unique combination of hormones, antibodies and enzymes cannot be fully replaced by formula bottle-feeding. It’s such a necessity, that breastfeeding breaks in the workplace is protected under law for the period of 26 weeks post birth of the baby.

However, breastfeeding rates in Ireland are some of the lowest in Europe and according to stats from 2019 63% of women initiate breastfeeding but this can drop to 37% once discharged from hospital and drops to a further 33% after 3 months. The main reason women give for stopping breastfeeding is lack of support. Breastfeeding has many health benefits for mum and baby including reduced risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer and diabetes for women in later life, and helps prevent baby developing chest infections, ear infections and tummy infections. It can also help reduce the risk of baby developing obesity in later life.

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Mama’s Boobie Box founder, mum Petrina O’Halloran saw this need for support for new mothers breastfeeding and decided to create a support item that is unique in the market as it offers the practical essentials a woman needs; a breastfeeding cover, washable breast pads, lactation tea, nipple cream, nipple shields, breast milk storage bags, and breast milk collection shells.

Mama’s Boobie Box was launched a few weeks ago as a breastfeeding starter kit to help new mums. The products are beautifully put together in a stylish gift box that can also be used as a keepsake for babies mementos. The products have been carefully selected by founder Petrina  to ensure breastfeeding women have the correct support they need at the start of their breastfeeding journey. Some brand names include Lansinoh, Mama Designs, Hottea Mama and CovermeBaby. Products within the gift box are also sold separately via so women can continue to top up on the support that they need.

Petrina O’Halloran is originally from Galway and had been living in London for the past 10 years. She moved back to Ireland with her husband and toddler Isobel during the pandemic in 2020 to achieve a better work/life balance and rear her children with family close by. When Petrina first began breastfeeding Isobel in 2018, she identified a need for Mama’s Boobie Box, as some practical products are not readily available. It was also through her own struggles of breastfeeding that she realised more needed to be done to support breastfeeding women. It was when she moved back to Ireland she decided to make this great idea a reality. She also began writing a blog shortly after giving birth and it diarised her life with Isobel and up’s and downs of motherhood, called Momandme on Wordpress.

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Mama’s Boobie Box has also created a community of support for new mothers through the social media presence on Instagram (@mamasboobiebox) and Facebook (Mama’s Boobie Box) where Petrina offers practical advice on breastfeeding issues. Mama’s Boobie Box also runs a monthly online call since March 2021, bringing mothers together to share their issues and ensure they are not alone during the pandemic when family support is missing.

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