New mum Molly-Mae steps down from creative director role at PrettyLittleThing

Molly-Mae Hague has announced she is stepping down from her role as the creative director of PrettyLittleThing.

The former Love Island star, who welcomed her first child into the world with her boyfriend Tommy Fury back in January, revealed why she is leaving the role in her latest YouTube video.

In the clip, Molly shared the surprising news while answering a Q&A from her fans. 

Credit: Molly-Mae Hague Instagram

Towards the end of the video, Hague admitted, “There is actually one quite big thing that I probably should talk about… But Basically a lot of people have been asking me about PLT creative director, how's the role going, everything going at PLT”.

“Everything's going incredibly with PLT, I will forever have the most insane relationship with PLT they're literally my family. Still working with them, still doing collections, still doing edits, but I've actually decided to step down from my creative director role”.

“I feel like this is quite a big thing to suddenly mention towards the end of this video. Over the last few weeks I've realised that I'm only going to get this time once with my firstborn child”.

Credit: Molly-Mae Hague Instagram

The 24-year-old went on to explain, “I'm only going to get Bambi being four months old once. I just feel like I have had to just rearrange my life a little bit and lose some commitments that I did have”.

“Myself and PLT we've decided collectively that the creative director role, as much as it was incredible, and I've literally loved being the creative director for PLT more than anything, it was such an amazing chapter for me”.

“It's just naturally come to an end. I'm a mum now, I never really gave myself a maternity leave, I kind of got straight back into work instantly”.

Credit: Molly-Mae Hague Instagram

Molly-Mae then said that she had to reevaluate certain parts of her life after welcoming Bambi into the world. 

“Because my work is my phone, and showing my life is my work. I just feel like there were certain areas of my life I had to reevaluate. The last thing I wanted to be was in a role I can't fulfil right now at this moment in my life”.

“There is absolutely no drama, there is absolutely no tea, there is nothing that's gone on. I'm so grateful for PLT for giving me the opportunity in the first place. It was just the most incredible pinch-me moment and a huge moment in my career”.

The former reality star closed off by adding that she will “never not be grateful” to the clothing company for what they’ve done for her career. 

Credit: Molly-Mae Hague Instagram

Many of the mum-of-one’s fans headed to the comments to commend her candid chat and for honestly sharing her reasons for leaving her PLT role.

One fan wrote, “I’m so proud of you Molly, for making the decision to step down from a position so you can spend time with Bambi”.

“Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your honesty and authenticity. As an influencer, as you and as a first-time mum”, penned a second fan. 

“You’re the creative director of something much bigger, your daughter. Responsibilities and commitments suit different seasons of our lives”, added a third.