New non-alcoholic spirits are perfect for when you feel like a drink but dont want the alcohol

The no and low alcohol trend has started to pick up real momentum, particularly throughout 2020, and consumer demand for a quality no alcohol cocktail experience is rapidly growing. Now, Lyre’s, who is leading this global movement, is available to Irish consumers.

Lyre’s – the innovative low or non-alcoholic Australian spirit brand – is ready to tantalise the taste buds of mindful drinkers across the nation. Having successfully launched in the USA, the UK, Australia and across Europe earlier this year, the versatile brand is set to transform the way the nation socialises, offering Irish cocktail lovers the world’s most comprehensive range of alcohol-free spirits and liqueurs, for the very first time.

The thirteen spirits and liqueurs Lyre’s introduces in Ireland are Absinthe, Amaretti (amaretto), American Malt (Bourbon whisky), Aperitif Dry (dry vermouth), Aperitif Rosso (vermouth Rosso), Coffee Originale (coffee liqueur), Dark Cane Spirit (dark rum), Dry London Spirit (gin), Italian Orange (Campari), Italian Spritz (aperol), Orange Sec (Triple Sec), Spiced Cane Spirit (spiced rum) and White Cane Spirit (white rum). There are more in the pipeline too, expected to be introduced in 2021. While enjoying a cocktail at home has become the norm for those across Ireland in recent months, Lyre’s offers an alternative to alcohol with no compromise on the taste, quality, or decadent experience.

The Lyre’s bottles have a beautiful design and would certainly look good behind the bar or in one’s own drink collection. The animal on each label refers to the country of origin of that drink. Lyre’s name and logo are inspired by the Australian ‘Lyrebird’, a bird known as the world’s greatest mimic. And that is exactly how Lyre’s works. Because the spirits have been developed to mimic the aroma, taste and appearance of the traditional spirit, drinking, for example, a Lyre’s G&T or Lyre’s Espresso Martini still gives you that feeling of a cocktail evening, even if you don’t drink alcohol.

This Christmas, sample the magic of Lyre’s and enjoy iconic mixes like rum & coke (Lyre’s American Malt & coke), gin & tonic (Lyre’s Dry London Spirit) or cocktails like the Negroni (Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, Lyre’s Italian Orange and Lyre’s Rosso Vermouth) without the hangover. Not only are individual bottles available, but there is also a selection of thoughtfully put together sets to make the perfect alcohol-free cocktails such as an Espresso Martini which can be purchased online at Lyres – great gifting solutions for the festive period.

With freedom at its heart, Lyre’s offers the rising number of mindful and no and low drinkers in Ireland an opportunity to enjoy terrific tipples without the worry of the morning after. Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler or looking to cut down on your alcohol without compromising on flavour, make it a Lyre’s.

The range is low calorie, gluten and dairy free and suitable for vegan and vegetarians. Lyre’s products are priced from €25.99 and are available to purchase online at Lyres and available in SuperValu stores nationwide from January 2021.