No better way to spend International Ice-Cream Day than cream!

It’s International Ice-Cream Day today, and Tesco is embracing the finest flavours with its latest selection of Tesco Finest* and Tesco low calorie ice creams, ideal for building a masterpiece sundae. Perfect for mini celebrations, gatherings with loved ones or an indulgent treat just because.

What’s even better is the Tesco Finest* and Tesco low calorie ice creams are produced by Silver Pail Dairy in Cork and are made using locally sourced milk from West Cork. As Tesco celebrates 25 years in Ireland this year, it is proud to support the Irish dairy sector and continues to source all fresh own-label milk from Irish farms.

Tesco Finest* Madagascan Vanilla 500ml (€3.49) – it’s creamy, delicious and pairs perfectly with a ton of toppings!

Too much of a good thing is never enough and the same can be said for the luscious Tesco Finest* Belgian Chocolate Orange 500ml (€3.49). To simply describe it, it’s a chocolate-lover’s dream.

Delivering tons of richly delicious flavours is the Tesco Finest* Dulce de Leche 500ml (€3.49). For those not familiar with dulce leche, it resembles a fuller version of caramel and pairs well with fruits, chocolate and of course, ice cream.

For a refreshing and tangy-sweet option opt for the Tesco Finest* Lemon Cheesecake 500ml (€3.49). Fresh cream is blended with cream cheese, tangy lemon sauce, and digestive biscuits offering the ultimate lemon cheesecake experience. All of the Tesco Finest* ice cream is made with locally sourced milk.

Tasting toppings

Serve up your ice cream with a concession of toppings which will elevate the sundae and allow you to customise your dessert whichever way you like. Start off with a drizzle the Tesco Finest* Salted Caramel Sauce (€2.69). Made with double cream and sea salt, the sauce has a luxurious texture and the addition of sea salt enhances the sweetness. For a more vibrant and exotic taste, the Tesco Finest Alphonso Mango & Passion Fruit Coulis (€2.99) is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Soft and squidgey Tesco mini marshmallows (€1.19) blend well with a wide variety of other flavours. The notorious pairing of ice cream and fruit is a safe bet too – think fresh berries and bananas. For ice cream on the go, scoop your favourite in one of the Tesco Dipped Waffle Cones (€2.39) and be on your way!

Newly launched low-calorie ice-cream

For those watching their calorie intake, but not wanting to miss out on the ice cream fun, Tesco has a number of alternatives to indulge in without feeling guilty. Most importantly, these products don’t compromise on flavour!

Try out the Tesco Salted Caramel (€2.99), Strawberry Cheesecake (€2.19) or Chocolate Fudge Brownie (€2.19). Check out the mouth-watering 4 Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich (€2.39) too! Some go as far to call ice cream sandwiches the best invention of all time, they sure are a great option to go for if you’re not in a mood for a cone or a sundae.

Lastly, don’t forget to pick up a good ice cream scoop. The Go Cook Ice Cream Scoop (€7) makes getting perfectly round scoops of ice cream SO effortless.

For convenience, customers can shop online at or visit the Tesco Ireland app available to download from IOS or android app stores. Additionally, shoppers can save time by using Tesco’s Click and Collect service which allows them to order their groceries in advance – ideal for pre-ordering when on the way home from the airport or while on a staycation.