Colic is quite common in young babies and describes excessive, intense crying generally at the same time each day. 


Infants with colic will clench their fists, arch their back, pass wind or cry during feeds, which can be quite distressing for mums to see.


Usually starting in the first few weeks after birth, it can last three or four months - and during this period your little one will cry inconsolably for a certain length of time.


And, as anyone who has ever had to deal with a colicky baby will know, you will spend hours pacing the floor in a bid to ease their discomfort.



Why? Well, movement can help to ease pain which is why they often fall asleep in your arms. 


Other tips include offering a soother (for those who decide to go down this route), holding them close, burping after every meal and trying gentle massage.


However, keeping them moving is definitely one of the most important ones, although it can be pretty tricky.



We all know it is impossible to spend your days walking up and down with your baby in your arms, especially if you have other children to deal with. However, we also all know just how effective it is at easing any discomfort.


So what’s a mum to do?


Well, that’s where the Babocush device steps in.


It offers the same position as a mother’s shoulder, simulates the vibration of voice for familiarity as well as the beat of your heart for comfort.


It offers safe tummy time (thanks to the soft straps) and is perfect for easing stomach pains.


Simply attach it to your own rocker and your little one will be settled in minutes.



Available here; Babocush are proud sponsors of TinyLife, the premature baby charity for Northern Ireland. 


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