So the party’s over and it’s time to re-enter the real world again. The REAL WORLD. Remember that?


It’s time to buy (and eat!) ‘normal’ food again and put together outfits that consist of more than just leggings / hoodies / items with a strong fleece bias.


It’s not easy to get back into the swing of things peeps, it really isn’t. Is it just us or were the cars on the road extra loud today? Extra big? And like us was walking to work the most exercise you’ve done in weeks? Did you find your legs a bit on the shaky side? Like you were learning to use them again?


Janxiety they're calling it and it's real, very real. Here are the eight stages of returning to work after the Christmas break:



1. Denial


No, this can’t be happening. I refuse to believe it. If I shut my eyes and sing Last Christmas by Wham! over and over again it will magically become Christmas Eve again.


Did it work? Noooo.


2. Dread


The night before we were in denial. Is it really over already? Will any of my real, non-elasticated clothes even fit me?


Setting our alarm for six-thirty gave us cold sweats, palpitations and any other number of the physical manifestations of pure dread you can think of.



3. Tears


We’ve become so used to spending time with the kids that we come over all emotional and burst into tears while eating our cornflakes. Our toddlers are clingy, our bigger ones cuddle us and call us “silly mammy” while our cooler than cool teenagers say “cop on” scornfully. Well, they would if they were up because unlike us they’re still sound asleep.


4. Fear


Will I even be able to work again? Do I remember how to use a computer? Can I converse with other human beings without mumbling / whimpering / rambling?



5. Flash of positivity


Okay, so this isn’t so bad actually. I really missed all my colleagues. I’m enjoying the catch up chats. Everyone is in the same boat. I can do this. I’ve got this.


6. Flash of negativity


Wait, what am I talking about? This is AWFUL! I’ve 300 mails to get through and I’m finding it hard to even spell my own name. I want to be at home with the kids watching Home Alone! I’m going to cry, that’s it I’m really going to cry. *Self-pitying sniffle*



7. Acceptance


We’ve given birth to a human being. We’ve had stitches. Stitches. If we can do that we can get through this day successfully. Besides, what choice do we have? None. NONE!


8. Relief


I DID IT! I have survived! I have spelled my name correctly! I haven’t broken down in tears in front of my boss because I missed my pyjamas… and my children. Now I’m going to treat myself by flopping down on the sofa the second I get home.


Baby steps.


What do you think mums? Can you relate? How is your first day back in the 'real world' going? Let us know!