Anyone who has a TwinGo Carrier, which allows a parent carry two children at once, is being urged to contact the manufacturer for a kit to repair potentially faulty buckles.


According to the US company, there have been reports of the waistband buckles on the carrier snapping and the manufacturer is providing a new part for consumers to help strengthen it.


Thankfully, there have been no reports of infants being injured by the snapping buckle.


The three TwinGo Carriers affected are those with the following batch numbers:

  • 23014024003
  • 01515026003
  • 21615019001

The batch number can be found on the carrier’s label.


Issuing a statement, the manufacturer said: “We are recalling the waist buckles only on only three batches of TwinGo Carriers. A small number of parents reported breaking a waist buckle during the set-up phase, eg buckling/tightening, which may be due to user error."


"While there have been no injuries or falls, we are taking extra precaution to ensure TwinGo families have safe, high-quality parts on their carrier, and we are making proactive steps to minimize user error.


“We are offering a free remedy kit, which contains two new buckles and installation instructions. Please contact for assistance.”


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