Like many new mums, you probably don't want to go very far from home with your baby.
She needs lots of attention and feeds, so the very thought of travelling or going on holiday can seem like more hassle than it’s worth.
But a smooth trip is possible, especially if you know what to pack for your baby before you set off.
Think about how she'll be travelling first. Choosing the right pieces of travel gear will help make the journey go smoother and make it easier to get around once you've arrived.
If your baby is very young, a complete travel system takes some of the hassle out of getting in and out of cars and airplanes.
A lightweight buggy you can pop in your car boot can be useful if you baby is old enough to sit up, and a front carrier or baby sling can make life a lot easier when your baby is tiny.
If your baby sleeps in a cot, ask for one when you make your room reservation. Discovering there is no cot available when you arrive and are exhausted from the journey, is really not what you need. Alternatively, take along your own travel cot.
Packing your baby’s bedclothes can be a comforter - the familiar smell may help settle your baby when you're away from home.
Likewise, taking along a couple of her favourite toys can be soothing for her when in an unfamiliar place.
You may also want to take a plug-in baby monitor or night-light with you to settle her back to sleep in an unfamiliar room. Remember that you may need a plug adaptor too.
If she wakes when the sun rises, pack a travel black-out blind in case her room doesn't have thick curtains or shutters.
If you're travelling somewhere hot, a baby sun pod will keep your baby shielded from the wind and the sun. Make sure your pram has a sun canopy or umbrella too.
Very importantly, don’t forget to bring along a camera to capture all those precious memories!