One inspiring paramedic has made a dying woman’s final wish come true.


The special moment was captured by paramedic Danielle Kellam. This story has warmed the hearts of thousands of people.  


When they were transporting a woman to a palliative care facility in Hervey Bay, one paramedic made the heart-warming decision to help her see the ocean for the final time.


The ambulance men were travelling from Brisbane Hospital when the patient told one paramedic a special story. The woman explained to Graeme Cooper that she lived in the area they were passing through.


She told him how she moved there with her husband many years ago. She shared that the beach was one of her favourite places.


The kind-hearted paramedic decided to put a smile on her face by making a slight detour on the way to the palliative care facility.



The woman couldn’t believe it when the paramedic said, “If you want we can take you down by the Esplanade and pop you out of the truck and give you a look at the ocean.”


He was determined to make it happen, so he wheeled her out of the ambulance and to a good spot where she could take in the stunning views.


She was over the moon with the suggestion, “She was ecstatic with it all and she said...she is content now, everything is just as it should be.”


The woman took in all the sights, from Fraser Island to Point Vernon.


The Queensland Ambulance Service said the crew went above and beyond to make the woman’s wish come true: “Sometimes it is not the drugs/training/skills – sometimes all you need is empathy to make a difference!”


They added, “Tears were shed, and the patient felt very happy.”


Mr Cooper explained that he would have done anything to help bring the woman into the ocean, but unfortunately, the rocks stopped that from happening.



The paramedic did the next best thing. He revealed, “I thought the next best thing was to get some ocean and bring it to her.”


He ran down the ocean and scooped up the water in a bag and handed it to the woman.


He said, “She felt the ocean and tasted the salt water.”


The paramedic explained that those moments are always overwhelming. “I can’t describe the feeling when you're in these situations with people, it is always someone else’s mother, father, brother.”


What Graeme and his co-workers did for the woman is beyond special.