A mother-of-two herself, Katie Kirby's cartoon gloriously depict the reality of parenting - something which has turned her into a bit of an internet hero.


Katie, 35, draws hilarious stick figure comic strips for her blog Hurrah for Gin that show the funny side of all things parenting - from tantrums to family outings. 



Can anyone guess the moral of the story?!

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Katie's drawings paint the real life situations we all face as parents- the good, the bad and the hilarious.



Katie spoke to the Mail Online, where she acknowledged the fact that she does have critics but "most readers realise that of course I love my children completely, it's just about laughing at the funny side of life with them.'



Got that Friday feeling 

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Katie has managed to achieve a very impressive social media presence since starting her blog in 2013, with 20,300 followers on instagram and over 175,000 likes on facebook




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When asked about her inspiration for starting her blog, Katie told the Mail Online that "parenting is hard, and sometimes you can either laugh or cry about it."


As a mother of two young boys, she felt that "parenting magazines depict a very specific reality and sometimes it just isn't like that at all."



It's a conspiracy theory!

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