Parents are not fit enough to keep up with their kids, study finds

Summertime is here and the kids are certainly making the most of every moment since they walked out of the school gates.

Despite the obsession with social media and video games, the kids still have that desire to spend time in the great outdoors. They’re always eager to visit the beach, the park and just can’t get enough of swimming when the sun is shining.

Even though it is great to see the kids out and about, a new study has found that most parents are not fit enough to keep up with their active children.

The study, which was conducted by Argos, revealed that over half of parents feel anxious about the summer months as they know they’re not as active as their kids.

Parents are now experiencing ‘fitness anxiety’ with 85 percent admitting their children are fitter than them.

Exercising is something we all need to practice, no matter what your age. Being fit and healthy has a positive impact on both your general and mental health.

Simple things like going for a walk every evening or planning a family swimming trip twice a week will help you get into the swing of things.

It’s important to remember that every person has different limits and skills. Just because your sister swears by yoga, doesn’t mean it’s the right form of exercise for you.

Don’t pressurise yourself to follow fitness trends and sign up for classes you’ll hate just because your fellow mums are.

Find what works best for you and you’ll be running around the park with the kids in no time.