As parents we all dread the day our children grow up and suddenly start dating, and the last thing we want to see is them kissing.


However, for one teenager in the US, rather than getting in trouble for her Facebook profile that saw her pose in intimate photos with her boyfriend, her parents decided to do something better – imitate the pictures.  


And in deciding to recreate their daughter Emily Musson’s picture, the parents have won the hearts of mums and dads all over with their hilarious poses, which sees them sticking out their tongue and making faces.



Taking to Twitter to share the hilarious snap which has subsequently been shared over 35,000 times, the teen from New York took it all in her stride, captioning the tweet: “My parents r actually on drugs or something [sic]”.




However, while she definitely saw the funny side, the teen did admit it wasn’t worth the 30,000 favourites it received.



While our job as parents is not solely to embarrass our children, sometimes it is just too hard to resist!