Parents face an insurmountable amount of stress each and every day. Every day errands can soon transform from quick and easy to time-consuming and filled with anxiety.


A recent study by the BPMe app revealed that parents experience stressful situations six times a day on average.


After surveying 2,000 parents, researchers narrowed down the top parental stress triggers to include: when children are ill, bedtime battles, providing a healthy diet, and limiting screen times.


These tasks can be extremely difficult, especially after a long day at work. We constantly have to be on alert with our children, and it can be mentally and physically exhausting.



Every grocery run or meal time can be a constant struggle of trying to push what is best for our kids and them refusing to listen.


46 percent of mums and dads said that children were the cause of most stress while in the home.


13 percent said they continued their acting out at the shops and ten percent at restaurants, the most demanding behaviours coming from five-year-olds.


The majority of parents (75 percent) also said that this caused them to take longer than usual on daily tasks: 12 minutes extra to leave the house, 14 minutes extra at the shop, and 11 minutes longer for the walk to the shop alone.



All this added up to a total of 40 minutes a day of stress for parents.


However, of these bold moments two-thirds of those surveyed had times where they found their kids’ antics more amusing than stressful.  


We all know that moment when they do something wrong but hilarious. We have to fight back the laughter so we don’t encourage them to repeat the behaviour.


It is no surprise how stressful parenting can be, and it is important to have a strategy of dealing with this anxiety.


Make sure to check out these daily tips on dealing with these overwhelming pressures and finding a way to unwind from those parental stressors.