People who nap will become much more productive, according to this study

The main thing I miss about being a toddler was the fact that I could nap without being judged. A mid-afternoon slumber is a distant memory nowadays, but it looks like napping is actually good for you. Obviously we wouldn't recommend falling asleep at your desk at 3pm, but scientists believe people who nap are more productive.

Dozing off could be the key to living a more productive life. Researchers in America analysed 2,000 people's napping preferences and the results are pretty fascinating.

The people who napped the most were more productive than those who didn't. Not only are nappers more productive, but they are also happier and more confident.

The study claims that those who nap are 90 percent happier than non-nappers. 89 percent of nappers said they were confident compared to 79 percent who didn't snooze during the day.

A spokesperson said: "Napping is no longer a sign of laziness, but it’s another tool we can use to make us more productive in life."

Time to fetch my blanket and go snooze under my desk for half an hour. Can someone wake me before lunchtime?

The survey was conducted by Mattress Nerd.