Most of us are glued to our phones anyway, but it seems even more so when we're pregnant!


Before you can say 'it's positive', you find yourself sitting on the sofa in your comfies for hours on end scrolling random pages about morning sickness and crazy cravings. Even before your pregnancy is confirmed, your phone becomes your lifeline and the key to all things pregnancy related.  


  1. Searching early pregnancy signs on the internet: You don't feel 'right'. You can't put your finger on what it is but you're a few days 'late'. And there's still no sign of your period. You search pregnancy symptoms to check if you really are pregnant. As if Google will confirm it for a fact. Some websites say that although your boobs are a bit sore and you're exhausted, in fact, stressing over possible pregnancy could just be affecting periods; you might not actually be pregnant at all. You know your body feels different though so you search and search and choose to believe the sites that suit how you feel. It's too early to take a test so you go with Google for now. 


  1. Due Date Calculator: You type in the first day of your last period (if you know it) because you're too impatient to wait for the doctor to estimate your due date and even more impatient for the 12 week scan (it's a lifetime away!) You type the estimated dates into calculator and visualise the baby in your arms 9 months down the line. 


  1. Pregnancy Apps: You download an App which gives you regular updates of your evolving foetus & you receive weekly fruit comparisons. Awww it's a blueberry. Yeh, wait til it's a watermelon. Ooof.


  1. Forums or advice: You search through thousands of threads with random comments: Am I pregnant? Did other people feel like this? When does the sickness stop? Urgh, what is that? You have to decode the language though. What on earth is OH, TTC and AF?!


  1. Camera: You take photos of your growing bump and all the memories you have made pre-baby. It might be some time away as a couple or days out with your other children before the new addition. You probably won't like the photos because you look puffy, tired and fat...


  1. Counting down to the due date: You look up advice on various websites - What to do to prepare for baby's arrival, what to do in labour, what to pack in your hospital, you won't have time for a novel, not even if you're being induced...


  1. Contractions Timer: Some APPs are available to download but you might just use your timer or clock. I used to tap the time into my notes. Often, I'd have Braxton Hicks and timings would stop. You're fuming when that happens because you're desperate for it to be the real thing. You presume the timer malfunctioned because the baby must be coming soon, right?


  1. Ring/text/contact loved ones: you announce arrival of the baby or keep them up to date with yours & baby's wellbeing. You also let the other half know to bring more vests to the hospital (because you thought you'd have enough until you realise that the tiny baby poos a lot more than you ever thought possible). 


  1. Update social media: you make an announcement accompanied with a photo or photos and let well wishes spill over you. You've never had this many 'friends' before. They all congratulate you (you feel like you need to be congratulated, its been bloody hard work!). They tell you your baby is beautiful but you know that already!


  1. Videos: you'll capture their first hiccup/smile or when they open their eyes....because everything they do seems like a miracle. 


What do you think, mums? 

Jennifer is a thirty-something mum of one. She is also a writer, reader, English teacher, realist, yo-yo dieter and support of women who juggle the joys and pains of motherhood and daily life!
She is also the author of Ordinary Lass Blog which is about everyday life & motherhood. 
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